Welcome to Hooked On Beauty. We are 4 teenage girls whom are interested in beauty, fashion and music. Currently living in Cambridge, UK, we set up this blog in May 2013 wanting to express our opinions to the world and to do something that we would all enjoy.

After seeing so many successful beauty blogs, such as Zoella, Lily Melrose and Louise Pentland (SprinkleofGlitter) we decided to set up our own.

Danica: A small petite girl from Cambridge who has an extreme love for everything beauty and fashion related. Has a worryingly addiction to tea and shopping and is just a tad obsessed with the hunger games.  Animal and arctic monkey lover who may just have an over exceeding amount of makeup.

Laura: A much taller girl who is terrible at restraining herself in the drugstore. Eats way too many sweets and is slightly obsessed with make-up organization.  A lover of make-up and fashion, beauty youtubers and bloggers, as well as commercial dance.

Rebecca: Just your typical teenage girl with an obsession with music and photography. Little bit of a concert addict and I love being outdoors! I tend to make jokes often and spend a large amount of my day laughing at anything.

Louise: Just the normal teenager from England who has a passion for travelling. I love fashion and make-up; and taking photos. Love talking/meeting new people, love food & I have two adorable kittens of which I adore!

Please feel free to contact us here.

Thankyou, and we hope you enjoy reading our blog!


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